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-- Tony Green

The Lobster Roll

This piece was written in January, 2000. It needs to be updated, although the rankings mentioned still stand. I just hope I can get to Maine this year!


I admit it. I'm obsessed with the lobster roll. This simple sandwich--a hot dog bun grilled in butter, bursting with fresh, succulent lobster meat--is the perfect vehicle for the noblest crustacean of all.

For my money, the best lobster rolls are made in Maine. If you visit Maine, be sure to try one. If you live in Maine, lucky you!

If not, then you can find lobster rolls much farther south. I've tried them in Mystic Seaport (CT); Gloucester, Hyannis, and Martha's Vineyard ( all in MA); and at several places on Long Island. One restaurant on the way to Montauk Point is even called The Lobster Roll Restaurant (although it is equally well-known as "Lunch"). You'd expect their signature dish to be the ultimate, but although their lobster rolls are fine, I still prefer the Maine version. Most of the lobster rolls made outside of Maine deviate from my ideal recipe by smothering the delicate meat with too much lettuce, mayonaisse, onion, celery and who knows what else. The lobster neither needs adornment nor tolerates competition.

The best lobster rolls I've had outside of Maine are the perfectly fine ones found at the Piccadilly Pub (locations in Auburn and Sturbridge, MA). Ask them to grill the roll; they're very accommodating.

The best lobster rolls I've ever had come from Barnacle Billy's Etc in Perkins Cove. I've eaten there many times, and they have never disappointed me with their fine food and friendly service. Be sure to sit outside for the best view of Perkins Cove and the drawbridge.

Lobster roll from Barnacle Billy's Etc

The lobster roll at Barnacle Billy's Etc.


Honorable Mentions go to:

  • Red's Eats, Wiscasset
  • Cape Porpoise Lobster Company, Cape Porpoise (near Kennebunkport)

(Please don't misunderstand. These lobster rolls are also very, very fine, but we can have only one winner, can't we? If you have one at either of these shacks, you've really had a lobster roll!)