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There's not much here at the moment... just some notes relating to AppleScript and programming Apple Events.

My ambition is to bridge the gap between a book like "Mac Programming for Dummies," which is fine, but assumes you know nothing, and Apple's documentation, which assumes you know everything.

I use the term "Development" to cover all the areas that interest me about computers and software. That includes my first programming language, HyperTalk, languages I know well, principally AppleScript, languages I am learning, including C, RPG, Perl, Javascript, and Korn shell scripting, and miscellaneous not-quite-languages such as HTML and CSS.

I have no formal training in any language, having learned what I know from a mix of books, mailing lists, newsgroups, and the odd mini course taken at work. People like me are frequently called "Accidental Programmers." Here are a couple of interesting articles about Accidental Programmers:

Lost Programming by Curt Brune

Confessions of an Accidental Programmer by John Callendar

Miscellaneous Notes

Pascal calling convention. Why must some function declarations begin with "pascal"? You use this keyword in a function that you write that will be called by a Mac Toolbox function, since the Toolbox uses the Pascal calling convention. An example would be Apple Event handlers, since these are called by the Mac function AEProcessAppleEvent.

Some Random OS X Development Links

The O'Reilly Macintosh Center. Books about Macintosh programming.

Vermont Recipes

OS X Foundry

MacSlash. Slashdot for Macs.

For even more fun, check out this list of links by some guy named Jeff.