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The Garden: 2002

Now that we have decided to stay here for a few years [actually, we ended up moving in July, 2003], we are motivated to tackle some of the problems in the yard. We are calling this year "cleanup year."

I had an idea for a spot in the yard for my first attempt at a landscaping project, involving some masses of mostly foliage plants, specifically hosta... After much dilly-dallying, I have decided that it's too late to plant this year, so on August 18, I covered up the hosta bed with a thick layer of wood chips. In the spring I would like to plant the area, maybe starting with some Frances Williams or similar.


June 15

During our trip to Atlanta for The Conifer Society's annual meeting, I had the chance to see a large number of hostas on display at Picadilly Farm. I have decided that the main hostas will be the variety Frances William or similar.

June 1

I finished stripping sod for my hosta garden (but haven't selected the plants yet!). Anne began removing three overgrown yews in the side yard, but she paused when she discovered a robin's nest in the lower branches complete with several eggs. We hope the birds haven't abandoned their nest and that the chicks hatch successfully! [June 22 update: There are three hungry chicks in the nest! All seem to doing well.)

May 21

In clearing the area around our old mulberry tree, Anne uncovered a twenty-foot run of sidewalk! It had been completely covered over and I never suspected it was there. It is in an odd spot where no one would need a sidewalk to be. Who knows what else we'll find?

April 8

The first project of the year involved the long-overdue task of removing removing four dead-or-nearly-dead, ivy-covered trees. Now that they are gone, we will have much-needed sun (not too mention a lifetime supply of wood chips for mulch!), and we're free from the very real danger of them blowing over in a storm.