Salon / Index / 2004

Welcome to my index of Streetphoto Salon entries, which contains thumbnails and journal entries for each photo. Click the thumbnail to see the full-size version.

Parks and Gardens

Adirondack chairs (thumbnail)

Recycled PAW picture.

[Update: None of my Salon entries have been remotely competitive. I enjoyed participating nevertheless, even though I never had a chance of winning. But every dog has his day, I suppose, and this Salon was mine. Peter Williams chose this picture as the winner. For the next Salon, I proposed the topic Theater. I posted my adjudication here.]

One for the Road

One for the Road (thumbnail)

The Presence of Your Absence Is Strongly Felt

The Presence of Your Absence Is Strongly Felt (thumbnail)


Hairy (thumbnail)

I never actually submitted this photo for the Salon "hairy," since it was neither actual "hair" or particularly "street." I considered submitting it anyway, because I thought it was quite "hairy-looking" (like somebody's frosted hair enlarged 200x), but in the end I didn't think it was strong enough. This was from a series of 7 bracketed exposures of this scene behind the Visitors Center of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado; this was the most underexposed.

Multi-Sized Assortment

Multi-Sized Assortment (thumbnail)

Scanned from the negative.

Make Me Laugh

Make Me Laugh (thumbnail)

Developed in Xtol 1:1 for 9:30 at 68 degrees. Printed on Agfa Multicontrast Premium RC semi-matte. Scanned from the print.

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