I came to fostering after my beloved Maine Coon, Woody, died suddenly on March 11, 2001. When I began to feel that my grief was coming under control, I entertained thoughts of getting another cat. Although I got Woody from a breeder, I had decided long ago that when Woody died, I wouldn't consider getting another purebred Maine Coon from a breeder. I felt that if I did, I might in effect be signing the death warrant of some poor shelter cat. I felt certain that all the purebred cats would find good homes, but that many shelter cats were not so fortunate.

I didn't feel ready for another cat yet, but I missed having cats in my life, so I decided to open my home to foster cats (especially Maine Coons!) who needed a temporary home. Unfortunately, we discovered that our second foster cat, Sidney, is extremely aggressive toward other cats, so we have decided that we are unable to take on any more fosters until we can find a home for him.

Current: Sidney
Previous (adopted): Hunter
Previous (adopted): Tigger

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