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Where’s Wilkinson Sword?

They said I can't have anything sharp, but just look at this! Bwah-ha-ha!!

Everything Sampler Pack

The “Everything” Sampler Pack from West Coast Shaving

When I started wet shaving in 2008, I ordered a small sampler pack of five kinds of blades from West Coast Shaving, and when they ran out, ordered 100 of the Derby “Extra” blades. It took over two years, but I finally used them all up. I was very satisfied with the Derbys, but was craving a little adventure (I want to be more like the Old Spice guy), so I ordered the “Everything” pack with 15 kinds of blades (but no Wilkinson Sword?!). By the end of 2010, I’ll know if the Derbys have met their match.


Your deadline has passed... what's the verdict? :-)

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