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Six Degrees of Separation... or Fewer

I see that Albert is making good use of his new ultra-wide lens, a Tokina 12-24mm f/4 DX (see Bumrunner live at the North Star Bar). So I’m admiring the photos and reading about Bumrunner, listening to the latest cuts (“Surgeon” and “Hot”) on their site, and notice the name Lydia Giordano. OK, that rings a little bell. I’ve known a jazz guitarist named Steve Giordano for a long time. We even worked together at a Sunday brunch at the Striped Bass a few years ago. Turns out Steve is Lydia’s father. I’m stunned. What are the chances of me having any connection whatsoever with any of the bands in this city? Close to zero, I would think. But I shouldn’t be surprised at all. All the musicians in my generation have kids who are now old enough to have their own bands... That adds up to a lot of connections—even if it makes me feel old. Let’s see, two of these guys I already knew about. I remember when they were eensy weensy widdle babies. And one of these guys as well. Who else, I wonder?

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