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Short Night Out

Last night we went to a nearby Brew Ha Ha! (a local chain of coffeehouses) to see two of Anne's co-workers who are in a band called OverUnderground.

Whoa! We could hardly get in the door, it was so crowded. The members of the band are barely out of high school and most of their fans are the same age. Anne asked, "Do you feel..." I finished her sentence: "Old?" At least I wasn't the only fifty-something there, although I think the few others were beaming, indulgent parents.

As they were preparing to start, keyboardist Will made an announcement. He explained that the fire code prohibited occupancy by more than 50 people, so he asked for volunteers to leave. We couldn't count ourselves as hardcore fans, so we grabbed our lattes and eased out during the first tune, right after I had taken a few pictures of Will, Alex (on guitar) and the drummer. They sounded pretty good.

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