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Susan Werner at Puck

Susan Werner is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, so I’m banging the drum for her new CD, The Gospel Truth, due for release March 6.

Although she lives in Chicago now, the album was recorded here in the suburbs of Philadelphia at MorningStar Studios. Her first album (seven albums ago) was recorded there as well; she lived in Philadelphia in those days. I'm sure she would say she chose MorningStar because they have a lot of experience recording gospel choirs, but seriously? I think she misses Wawa.

The last time I saw her was November 30 at Puck in Doylestown. Her show was great and included a number of the new songs. She played most tunes alone as she usually does, but drummer Grant MacAvoy, who produced her first album, sat in on a few, supporting her with his typical sensitive artistry and restraint. Some sandwiches and fine beer helped us enjoy the show, including Franziskaner, Chimay, and Corsendock.

There are samples of four of the new songs on her web site, and she will be appearing at the World Cafe March 24. Susan writes, “I just wrapped up the best record of my career.” Based on what I heard, I can’t dispute that. Not at all.

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