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David Amram Down on the Farm [nanoblog]

I heard on American Routes that jazz legend David Amram grew up on a farm. Not so unusual, except that the farm was in Feasterville, Pennsylvania where I lived for 16 years. That was a surprise. It’s hard to believe that Feasterville was once farmland, although of course it once was. There is still a lot of green space there as well as the remains of a farm, but it was rapidly developed after World War II. A kid in grade school lived on a farm, and we visited his home as a class once. I didn’t appreciate farms much in those days.


thank you for the nice mention. just got it on goole alert our farm was 160 acres from somerton springs swimming pool LONG BUSTELETON PIKE before pennsylvania turnpoike was nbuilt my father and uncle and aunt got it in late 1920s

all condoc now

cheers to another feasterville alumni

david amram

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