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80.6% [nanoblog]

That’s what I scored on this test for tone deafness by musician Jake Mandell. It was hard! I may not be tone deaf, but I am just a little, um, plain old deaf. If you were intrigued by the sounds of the test (as I was), check out some of the compositions on his site. Very Star’s End if I may say so.


I got the same score you did. I intend to take it again, only because I was listening to the sounds from the speaker on the CPU, which is on the floor.

That's not my excuse for my score-- my excuse is that I kept spacing out during the longer test sounds. :P

I remember I had to take a similar test for one of the music schools I had applied to. I believe I spaced out on that test, too-- I remember thinking it was long, boring, and pointless. I didn't go to this school, though.

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