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Time is Running Out

Only two more days until National Novel Writing Month is over. I gently kidded the program recently, quite frankly out of envy. I can barely keep this little blog going let alone write a novel.

So a novel is out, but still I crave stardom. What are my options? Perhaps my calling isn’t as novelist, but as musician. It just so happens there’s a program just for me! It’s called National Solo Album Month. Not coincidentally, Solo Album Month is also November, so I missed my chance this year. I wonder... Did anyone do both an album and a novel? Wow. On second thought, making an album in a month would probably provide enough material for a novel, so I guess that’s doable—by an unemployed hyperkinetic genius.

NaSoAlMo is a thousand times less popular than NaNoWriMo (65 versus 60,000 commitments). Sure, recording an album presents a much higher barrier to entry, or maybe it just hasn’t caught on yet. But, yeah, a solo album, that’s the ticket. That’s got to be easier than a novel. For one thing, it only has to be 29 minutes and 9 seconds long. If I had talent, I could do the whole album in one sitting as Van Morrison did in 1967, but I don’t. You’re allowed one cover, so if I did “Alice’s Restaurant,” well, um, that wouldn’t be very sporting of me. How about “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”? That would leave me with only 12 minutes to fill. I could probably get away with at least one silent track, inspired by these examples. At some point, though, I would need to actually write some music.


Maybe a novel wouldn’t be so hard after all.

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