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The Pottstown What?

Reading Literal Barrage just now took me back to Sunday evening. We were tucking in to our Provençal stew, and our dinner music happened to be WHYY’s Sunday Showcase. I was only half paying attention; it sounded just like any other world-class orchestra you hear on the radio. After the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto ended, I practically lost my stew when I heard it was the Pottstown Symphony. Wha? Pottstown? Naw! I knew Reading had a symphony, but had never heard that Pottstown did. I mean, they were really good! I missed the Scheherazade; I’ll bet it was something. Here ye, you fine citizens of Pottstown, you do yourself proud.


Wow, I love your post not just because I am a part of the Posttstown Symphony (I've been playing with them on piccolo for a couple seasons), but because your reaction seems to be a shared one from those who had a chance to hear the broadcast in part or in its entirety. It makes me happy to hear that people tune in and take notice (even after the fact) that sometimes small orchestras can really create some fine music. Anyway, I love your blog...all parts of it and glad that I stumbled across it! If you ever get a chance to come out to Pottstown next season, please do or pass the enthusiasm along to friends. I believe we have Symphonie Fantastique programmed for our first concert. What fun! ~Lish

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