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Cultural Literacy: Segue Music Dept.

Yesterday on “Morning Edition” there was a story about how napping is becoming more acceptable in the workplace. After the piece, they played a version of “Sleepwalk.” I felt a warm glow of smug pride at recognizing the tune and the connection. Yeah, I'm pretty hip. The glow faded quickly when I realized how rarely I “get” the connection. I mean, NPR plays a snippet after almost every piece, and when I recognize the tune it makes perfect sense. I have to assume that all the segue music is as carefully chosen, but the vast majority... ::makes sweeping motion over head::

Another thing is New Yorker covers. They're typically seasonal or topical, but they always have relevance. These aren’t as subtle or obscure as the segue music, so I do much better with them, but sometimes I draw a complete blank. I know there's something there—it’s right in front of me—but I don’t see the connection. I should post the next cover I have trouble with.

It would be great to get more of the references, but it’s enough fun when I do. As for NPR, I have some advice: “Mister Sandman” would have been a hipper choice for the napping story, both more appropriate and possibly more obscure. So there.

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