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Maybe I Think Too Much

I discovered YouTube, a Flickr-esque site that lets you upload videos, when a friend sent me a link to a vintage concert video in the “drums” section. That led to exploring some of the other drum solos that weren't quite so professional. I kept clicking uncontrollably, watching one lame solo after another, helpless to turn away. I have to admire the candor of someone uploading a video called “Me Soloing Badly.” To paraphrase Mark Twain: “Better to not solo and be thought a fool than to solo and remove all doubt.” Yes sirree, my motto exactly.

I began to wonder what mad impulse makes people want to share their creative output—no matter how mediocre—with the world. Then I had an embarrassing realization: I might ask myself this very question. After all, I'm no Mark Twain. So many questions, so few answers. There's a lot to ponder here, but that's enough introspection for one day. Some aimless banging on the drums ought to clear my head. Now where did I put that video recorder?

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