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Amazon Meme

Scott unearthed his first order at, which was surprisingly easy to do. My first order was in November, 1998 and consisted of two items:

Microsoft Exchange Server V5.0: Planning, Design, and Implementation
At the time, I was supporting Exchange Server (and everything else computer-related) at a client.
Blue Matter, a CD by guitarist John Scofield
When Anne heard this, her eyes rolled back so far I thought she was having a seizure. I have so many Scofield CDs (but nowhere near all of them) that she moved them away from the rest of our little collection to their own “shrine” so I can touch them up with the chamois from time to time. Just goes to show how long I’ve been a fan of John’s work.

I can’t honestly remember the first thing I ever ordered online, but I found an email dated January 29, 1996 confirming shipment of Netscape 1.1. If I ordered this online, I wonder how I did it. Maybe I had Mosaic... I don’t remember. The email was to my first ISP post-AOL at PSI.

Back to Amazon. I was amazed that they keep all that online, and if so, why do they so often recommend items I’ve already ordered from them?