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Survey Says: Mac Users Are Jerks

I had never heard of a company called Mindset Media (and I’m sure they never heard of me), but I learned that they help advertisers target buyers by identifying a brand’s “personality.” The idea being to market the brand to customers with compatible personalities, thereby finding buyers who likely already bought the advertiser’s product. Seems like “selling to the choir,” but you didn’t hear that from me.

In January, they released a list of personality traits that they claim describes the typical Mac user. The NPR quiz show “Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!” had some fun with this [mp3 1:55] on the show that aired February 23 (I’m a leetle behind in my radio listening). Enjoy.


Well, someone had to say it. What total and unrepentant jerks those Macfolk can be!

I remember reading something about VW doing demographics on their customers, and the profile was so obnoxious, I sold my Scirocco the next day ;)

LOL! I’m going to keep my Mac, but I covered the Apple logo with tape and only boot into Windows—at least in public.

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