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Mood: Smug

On the eve of what I am predicting will be a memorable Stevenote, I’ve been thinking about how smart I am. Kind of basking in a smug glow of self-satisfaction. Maybe “smart” isn’t the right word. (If I were really smart, I would know the right word, now wouldn’t I?) How about “lucky”? Is lucky as good as smart? I’ll settle for lucky. Whatever. I’m still smug.

It all started at the beginning of 2005 when I decided I was finally ready for a new PowerBook. As with any high-tech purchase, I wrung the skin off my hands over whether it was the right time to buy. Nothing hurts a geek like buying a new computer and having its shinier replacement introduced a week later. I was pretty confident I was on solid ground though. The PowerBooks had just been speed-bumped, and it was my opinion that Apple might never put a G5 processor in the 12-inch PowerBook. So why wait any longer?

Here it is a year later, and here’s where the smugness comes in. The 12-inch PowerBook is basically unchanged from a year ago, so I still have the current model after an entire year. I believe a hearty woo-hoo is called for. But wait, it gets better. By the time I’m ready to replace my laptop, the new Intel PowerBooks will be in their second generation at least, and it will again be a good time to buy. Yep, smug is the mood for today, but honestly, I’m far more lucky than smart.

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