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Jerry Blavat Hijacked

For a long time, I’ve wanted a “VCR for radio” so I could time-shift radio programs. Maybe there is such a thing, but I never saw one, although I guess I could have rigged up a tape recorder and a timer... if I were MacGyver. Now that most radio stations can be heard online, software has made my dream come true as there are several apps available that can record on a schedule. The two I looked at are WireTap Pro and Audio Hijack Pro. (I guess I’m a sucker for anything named Pro). I decided on Audio Hijack Pro, which works by “hijacking” the audio output from an application. Because it can record from a specific application instead of just taping the system output, it is possible to record two programs at once, or listen to one program while recording another.

Before leaving for work Saturday night, I set the timer to record Jerry Blavat’s new show on WXPN, “The Geator’s Rock and Roll Rhythm & Blues Express.” When I posted about this new show, I was incredulous that Blavat had found a welcoming home at WXPN. I hadn’t heard Jerry Blavat on the air in over 30 years, so I was very curious to hear just how much he would clash with the XPN gestalt. I imagined his show would be some kind of oldies/nostalgia festival, but Blavat introduced his selections with fascinating historical anecdotes about the music, the musicians, and the record industry. I like a little history with my music, and enjoy shows like “American Routes” and Philly’s own “The Historical Approach to the Positive Music,” hosted by Harrison Ridley, Jr., so this show hit my weak spot hard. At one point, Jerry even said, “We not only play, we not only explore, we also educate.” I’m all ears, professor.

This episode covered the Chicago music scene in the Fifties. After listening to a few songs, most of which were new to me, I began to understand why the show is called “Rock and Roll Rhythm & Blues.” Many of these songs really were hybrids of both styles.

By the way, Audio Hijack performed flawlessly. I chose 8 kHz mono for the recording, so not only did the whole hour take up only 60 megabytes, but the audio quality reminded me of AM radio where so much of this music made its debut. The show was scheduled to last an hour, but it was rudely interrupted by Penn basketball coverage. In spite of that, you can bet I’ll be renewing my WXPN membership.


thanks for the article on the geator. i also was a yon teenager when jerry was at his hight in the early 60's. i grew up in the northeast section of philly called tacony and i never missed one hop or dance he ever did. whether it was at chez vous in west philly, wagoners,riverside in jersey or the old concord roller rink on frankford ave in the northeast i was there. we had a set crew of the nixon brothers,jerry carrachhio, johnny dominic,myself and an assorted slew of gorgeous girls to dance with. jerry even tagged me with the name "dscophonic ralph".lol thanks for the memories.i live in central jersey now, but i miss him and his show....

i was a dance r on the jerry blavat show when i was about 13 years old. i lived in the navy projects in south philly.

help me found out how to obtainsome ffotage so i can see myself as one of the "first soul train girls" (joke)

if you can help me email me back.


Althea, Awesome, you must have some amazing memories of those days. Take a look at the videos on YouTube uploaded by breezeway311. Here's an example GEATOR WITH THE HEATER!!! #5

I have enjoyed listening to the geater while checking mail etc. I can't get on now the web site states forbidden?? Anyone to direct me to his site that plays archived shows will be appreciated.

Ron, No idea, but you're right, the Geator Gold site is giving me a "forbidden" error. Keep checking back, I guess. WXPN only has his last couple shows available.

Don't know if anyone will see this as the last post is 2010 but the updated site is Also you can hear the last 3 archived shows from WXPN at - programs - Geator R&R (that's how it's listed) His Cruisin' 92.1 show is streamed live on weekdays 5-7 pm and at 7-9 pm weekdays. XPN show is 6-7p Saturdays. Keep on rockin!

Thanks for the updated web site info, much appreciated!

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