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Clearwater Lobster Roll

While shopping at Whole Foods yesterday, I spied a small container (7 ounces) of frozen lobster meat (right next to the corn dogs). On impulse I threw it in the cart, even though there was no price on it, along with a package of hot dog buns. The last time I made a lobster roll at home I used actual lobsters, but I thought if I could make a decent lobster roll from this frozen stuff, it would help get me through the winter. The lobster is from Nova Scotia, packed by Clearwater. The package was really too small to make two rolls, but we stretched it to make two. I surgically altered the hot dog buns so we could grill them.

Frankfurter bun with trimmed crust

Trimming the crusts off these ordinary hot dog buns transforms them into New England top-split style. Sort of.

Clearwater’s lobster meat was good quality, tender, and flavorful, but the texture wasn’t as perfect as lobster that has never been frozen (we thawed the meat in cold water per the package directions). I used a little too much lemon juice as well. The buns were a little denser and less tender than the cottony stuff you get in Maine and didn’t grill as well. The finished rolls were satisfying, but nothing amazing. Considering the price of the lobster—a staggering $23—I doubt I will be doing this again soon. I justified the extravagance by reminding myself that that’s about what two rolls would cost in Maine. I conveniently chose to ignore that these were meager rolls of only middling quality.

Lobster roll made with Clearwater lobster

The finished roll was decent, but no more than a faint echo of the best in Maine. It’s going to be a long winter.


When am I coming over!

Not until I source some better ingredients. I would never serve a lobster roll of such mediocre quality to guests. But thanks for your interest! That might make an interesting MealToday.

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