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Lobster Roll Mashup

I have always been fascinated by maps and overcompensated for my lack of a sense of direction by buying a lot of them. I never thought I would be able to customize my own maps until Google Maps came along. I think it all started when I saw Andrea’s SEPTA Google map. I thought Wow I would like to do that, followed immediately by Wow, I don’t know how to do that. Besides I didn’t have anything I wanted to map.

When I started browsing Safari Books Online, I noticed an O’Reilly book called Google Map Hacks. That didn’t explain everything, but it was inspiring, and it introduced me to the Google Maps API. After reading the documentation, a terrific tutorial by Mike Williams, and browsing the Google group Google Maps API, I was on my way. I got lost in a few places (could have really used a map) , but finally found my way. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, at least to stick pins on a map.

So here we are. Introducing the Lobster Roll Finder (I had to map something I love, right?). I started with Maine and added about 10 points so far, but I’ll keep adding places as time goes on. If you don’t find that a compelling use of Google Maps (and I’m sure you won’t), pay a visit to Beer Mapping. Now that’s useful. Also check out Google Maps Mania, a blog devoted to Google Maps mashups. If even that bores you, there’s always Google Earth.


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Hope to see you there, and keep spreading the Philly love!

boo comment spamming. yay google api-ing! good stuff. now, i have to organize a road trip. sometime down the line, i'm gonna get up there to try me some lobster rolls.

Albert, Now you have directions. :-) While a New England road trip is a great idea, don't forget some of the best lobster rolls are found in Manhattan. It's a pity I've never had one there.

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