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Lobster Roll Updates [nanoblog]

Even though we didn’t get to Maine this year (*sob*), I did manage to hit a few places closer to home in September. Had my first lobster rolls in two new states (New Jersey and Rhode Island) and added three new places in Connecticut (Sea View Snack Bar in Mystic, and Sono Seaport Seafood and Sono Brewhouse, both in Norwalk) as well as a quality-control visit to Bill’s Seafood in Westbrook (they passed with flying colors). Rhode Island has a lot of places, but I just don’t get there much.


I'll be going to Rhode Island in a few months. I'll see if I can try out a couple of places.

Brick Alley is where I had mine-- overfilled with lobster to the point where I did need a fork initially, and slightly more mayo than I like, but the buttered bun was delicious!

Yoko, thanks for reporting back after your trip to Rhode Island! I have added Brick Alley to my list. Despite your reservations (which I share), it sounds like one I would like to try.

This is an update to the Philadelphia report on the lobster roll at the Philadelphia Fish & Co. You, and local food writers, and I (a local resident, lobster-roll afficianado living several blocks from Phila. Fish & Co.) had all agreed that the "Fish Co. served a good lobster roll. I would go there every couple months for my lobster roll fix. Well, when I went there about a month ago, what a horrible surprise. What I got was a gooey mess of mayonnaise-infused lobster (probably it was actually lobster SALAD) in the same good, grilled and buttered hot dog bun, and with the same wonderful fries. But the lobster roll was just totally AWFUL. The manager denied any change in the recipe, but it sure was NOT a lobster roll in the proper sense of the name.

Dwight, Thanks for the report. I am really sorry to hear that the lobster roll has gone downhill. I wish I could suggest an alternative place.

Curious...where was the place in NJ? I'd like to try it tks

Don, That was referring to Jackson Mountain Cafe in Cape May, my first roll in New Jersey. It was decent, although served on a croissant. I believe they still have it on the menu. Since then, I’ve been to Pat’s Lunch and Quahog’s Seafood Shack, both in Stone Harbor. The best overall/most authentic was Pat’s Lunch (1105 Stone Harbor Boulevard). Reviews of these places (and some other places to try in New Jersey) on this page:

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