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Smoked Joint Has Closed [nanoblog]

One of the best barbecue joints in town has closed, but apparently not from lack of business. Here’s hoping they find a more sympathetic location soon. Via PhillyFuture from Foobooz from City Paper’s Clog. Word really gets around.


that's nuts! i just walked by their booth on the Parkway during the fireworks. i've only heard good things about that place. too bad they had such a horrible location for their storefront. that's probably what did them in.

Awwww - I've been there a few times - they were really good! I hope they relocate soon.

Great food and best bloody mary in town. Come back, we miss you!

This is crazy i havent been there in over a year .. obviously ..... but just mentioned it as a place to have a christmas get together....

Is anyone aware of them reopening ..

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