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Basil Ice Cream? How About Garlic

Mac wrote recently about making basil ice cream, which I’ll bet was delicious, because now I have tasted garlic ice cream and lived to tell about it. I had some homemade garlic ice cream last week at a friend’s house. Garlic was the only flavoring; the other ingredients were the standard eggs, milk, cream, sugar... something like that; I’ve never made ice cream. If garlic works, then basil must be heavenly. Of the flavor, she writes, “it’s sweet with a light basil note to it.” That’s how the garlic ice cream tasted—mostly sweet and creamy with a subtle edge that was unmistakably garlic. It was surprisingly well-balanced if you can ever balance sugar and garlic, but then I like garlic a lot. I think what would really make my head spin around, though, is cilantro ice cream, if there is such a thing. Cilantro is one of my favorite flavors ever.


All I could find was lime-cilantro sorbet, which would probably be less creamy and tarter (but it seems like the flavors would blend well and refreshingly, no?). Anyhoo, here it is: Cilantro-Lime Sorbet

I was treated to dinner a couple years ago at a bistro in north Jersey called the Garlic Rose.

Excellent Italian fare. Everything comes with a Garlic clove, and they even have garlic ice cream. It wasn't horrible, but comparing other flavors to it isn't exactly setting the bar very high either.

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