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Philadelphia Flower Show 2008

I always enjoy the Flower Show in part because we work in a nice pub dinner either before or after. Back in the day (before I got into beer), we used to go to Independence Brew Pub. I am mildly curious about Field House, which replaced it, but in no hurry to go there, so we decided to go to McGillin’s, a place that has been patiently waiting for our custom since 1860. It was our first time there, and I’m sure we’ll be back. When I am in the neighborhood, I usually go to Fergie’s, which is a little more visible. Choice is good.

The theme this year was Jazz It Up; let’s go to the pictures:

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - Chihuly piano

The Peter Dugan trio was playing when we arrived (although they were long gone when I took this, obviously); this is the Chihuly-designed piano.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - piano

Many of the exhibitors jazzed up their displays by placing instruments in the landscape, such as the guts of this piano.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - tuba fountain

Brass instruments are just pipes after all and make wonderful fountains, don’t you agree?

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - brass fountain

Another fountain incorporating all the brass instruments.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - parade

A New Orleans-style parade wound through the crowd at one point.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - parade


Philadelphia Flower Show 2008 - mouse drummers

Aw, mouse drummers. Kyoot!


McGillin's has Beamish on tap I'm told!

Albert, Yes, and that's what I had. Good!

I really enjoyed your photos, especially the brass fountain. I missed out this year since I was sick. Bummer cause I loved the jazz theme.

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