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More Songs About Wine and Food

We subscribe to three food/cooking magazines at the moment: Cook’s Illustrated, Fine Cooking, and Bon Appétit. The first because we saw copies at a friend’s house and were hooked; the second because everything from Taunton Press is first-rate (I was a long-standing subscriber of Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding back in the day); and the third because it was really cheap. (I’ve linked to each magazine’s web site, but to be honest, I haven’t spent any time at any of these sites.)

More often than not, we make things from magazines instead of cookbooks these days for several reasons. The recipes are seasonally oriented, so they suggest making what we’re already in the mood for, and the instructions are typically more complete with techniques illustrated with color pictures. Magazines keep things easy and interesting.

Tonight we made one of the “juicy pork chop” recipes featured in the current issue of Fine Cooking accompanied by a side of skillet-roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. We took the opportunity to stage another wine tasting, this time between two Pinot Grigios: San Angelo and Folonari. The clear winner was the San Angelo with a lively and complex flavor with distinct citrus notes. The Folonari was quite dull by comparison. The price difference between the two is substantial; the Folonari at $7.99 was one of the cheapest Pinot Grigios we could find, while the San Angelo at $13.99 cost almost twice as much. So far, we haven’t found any bargain wines.


There’s something different about this entry. It has a title as well as a "file under" destination. Some of the recent entries have been exceedingly geeky, and I think it only fair to warn people before they waste time reading it. No one really wants to read about making photo thumbnails with ImageMagick. I mean, really. Next time, you’ll be warned. It’s just another fine service of Homegrown Systems, the web site that uses blogging software with No Features[TM].

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