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Stumbling Upon Cats

Do people still do that cat blogging thing on Fridays? I never did; after all, every day is cat-blogging day at mere cat; I don't have to wait until Friday rolls around. My best pictures are always available up on the masthead.

This week I've found some pictures that put my puny collection to shame, however, thanks to a new Firefox extension called StumbleUpon. This extension lets you kill some serious time. It adds a toolbar with a few buttons on it (which do nothing until you sign up at The Stumble button connects you to a random web page selected from categories you choose. If you want, you can then vote thumbs up or down on the page; each vote helps StumbleUpon refine its picks. It does do a remarkable job of suggesting worthwhile sites, I must say. Of course, I chose Cats as one of my categories.

Herewith then, from the Things That Make You Wanna Go Awwww Department is my favorite: a cat who will clean your computer screen for free (make sure your sound is on for this one).

Don't thank me, thank StumbleUpon.

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