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The Point is Dead. Long Live The Point

I read (via the smedley log) that The Point in Bryn Mawr is closing. Management is reportedly “aggressively searching” for a new location, so all is not lost, but there’s just something about that room. After a show there last year, I wrote:

First, a little bit about The Point. It is a reincarnation of and homage to the Main Point, a legendary venue that hosted such artists as Bruce Springsteen many, many years ago. [blah blah blah] It has much the same feeling as the original Main Point: a kind of coffeehouse atmosphere (although now you can order drinks!) with tables, chairs, and even comfortable couches randomly arranged around the room. The room is just large enough to hold a fair-sized audience, yet small enough that no one is sitting too far away. It’s probably the perfect place to hear music. Come to think of it, it’s probably the perfect place to play music, too.

Amen to that. And now a moment of silence...

[   .   .   .   ]

Call me sentimental, but now I feel like I should see someone, anyone at The Point before the last show on June 25. One artist I was hoping to see this year is Tom Rush. Not exactly a newcomer, just someone I’ve never seen. I heard his new CD “Trolling for Owls” recently, and it’s probably the most entertaining hour I’ve ever spent. All these years I’ve been missing out. He won’t be appearing at The Point before it closes, however.

It would be great to nick a souvenir of the old place before it’s gone forever. One of those couches would be nice...

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