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Old News

CNN reported the “discovery” today of a large waterfall in Whiskeytown National Recreational Area near Whiskeytown, CA. The falls are twice the height of Niagara, although only half the height of the tallest falls in the world. Still, they're big. The falls were not completely unknown, but they were not on any map nor known to park officials.

The discovery was made in 2003 when a biologist noticed it on a satellite mapping system. Aha! I exclaimed. I have a satellite imaging system and a few spare minutes before work. I'll find it myself, so I slipped on my Merrells, slathered on some insect repellent, and pointed my browser to Alas, Google only provides high-altitude imagery of the park, so I called off the expedition. Everybody back to camp for hot dogs and beer.

I thought it strange that this discovery was made two years ago, but is just now being publicized, especially since the park wanted to get the news out to boost interest and attendance at the park.

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