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An Alpaca Cap

I... I think I’ve forgotten how to do this blogging thing.

Let’s see, where was I? In my defense, I’ve been hard at work on my “photoblog” template, adding new places to my lobster-roll map (I stuck 16 pins in Manhattan alone. Ouch!), and importing the Dead Sea Posts (pre-2004) into Movable Type. But no actual blogging.

In other news, I got a new cap. Exciting, huh? It’s alpaca, bought when we visited an alpaca farm while on vacation in Maine. We were both interested in seeing the alpaca garments more than the alpacas, but the owner insisted on giving us a full tour. They breed alpacas primarily for show, but they also shear them, offering fleece and roving for spinning as well as yarn. The garments they sell (sweaters, hats, and even socks) are not made there, however, yet they are soft and toasty nonetheless.

I might get a chance to wear the cap soon, since yesterday may have been the last really warm day of the year. I’m especially looking forward to wearing this toasty topper seeing as how I have lost my natural fleece long ago.

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