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Earthquake Strikes Upper Dublin Township

A violent earthquake struck the heart of peaceful Upper Dublin Township in Montgomery County last night during commencement exercises at the high school. I think I was able to capture the tremors very well (see picture below).

Thanks to the abundant optimism in the air, no one was injured. (It’s what air bags are filled with.)

Earthquake rocks Upper Dublin Township

So it's a little blurry. You try taking a picture at a shutter speed of 1/20 second while hanging on to the back of a speeding golf cart with one hand. Of course, the paparazzi do this sort of thing all the time.

What really happened is that my niece graduated from high school; she is headed to Boston University in the fall. As for the blurry picture, two members of our party have trouble walking, so after the ceremony we were all given rides back to the parking lot in golf carts. Naturally I risked my life to get a picture, if you can call it that.

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