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Prescription for Change

Ah, another lovely fall day, fulfilling the promise of early autumn and with it the chance of several more weeks of perfect weather before things turn raw and nasty. It’s also that time of year when any vacant storefronts in the neighborhood are temporarily converted into campaign headquarters or Halloween stores.

One prominent store on the busiest corner in town closed forever a few months ago. I noted the closing with mixed feelings. The store was an independent pharmacy that no doubt finally succumbed to the competition from two nearby chains. On the one hand, it’s always sad to see an independent go under, especially since I knew someone who worked there. On the other hand, while the store was practically an historic landmark, it hadn’t changed in literally about 50 years and looked every day its age.

The store sat vacant for a few months until it was suddenly transformed into a campaign headquarters. The only remnant of the original interior was a large sign at the back over the old pharmacy counter: “Prescriptions.” Hmm, I thought, that could mean “Prescription for Change,” except all the candidates are incumbents.

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