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Sesame Mucho

While some folks have posted links to their favorite Sesame Street videos hosted on YouTube, maybe not everyone knows they’re there. You can search YouTube, of course, but J.D. Roth saved you the trouble by posting a really big list of videos fully annotated for your convenience (via BeatnikPad: Bagatelle). Go ahead. You know you want to go. I’ll wait for you.

*drums fingers*

Oh, well. I see I’ll be talking to myself from here on out. I was in high school when Sesame Street debuted, and I clearly remember heading home after school to watch it at 4:00 PM almost every day. At that age, I had already mastered the alphabet and integers, and, under the iron-fisted tutelage of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (“Corporal Punishment reporting for duty!”), I had even developed the ability to write complete sentences (and then diagram them!). I watched Sesame Street purely for entertainment—and entertaining it was. The videos brought back a lot of memories, and in case you’re wondering, my knuckles have healed nicely, thank you.


I survived Catholic School too (Sisters of "Mercy", man was that a misnomer, not that geekgirl got into trouble much), and Sesame Street is good therapy for it

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