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Blogger Meetup Time Again

I list my regular appearances in meatspace over on the sidebar (courtesy of Upcoming), but other than that, don’t single any of these meetings out for special attention except for the Philly Blogger Meetup. I do try to promote the meetup precisely because there’s not much talk about actual blogging. The conversation is wide-ranging and stimulating and, of course, there’s beer. (Diet? What diet?) January’s meetup was quite well-attended and tomorrow’s looks to be successful as well. Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant, 21st & South St., 3:00 pm.


And here I reported that you were not going to make it! Look forward to seeing you there again.

Kind of a last-minute change of plans freed up the weekend. Look forward to seeing you, too! It's been a long time... last May or something? I enjoyed the office tour video. :-)