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Do They Call Them “Buellers”?

Even though the cornerstone of my retirement plan depends on me winning the lottery, I don’t hold out much hope of retiring early, because I’ve never won anything substantial. I have a theory that the reason why may be more subtle than just not being “lucky” and may have to do with maintaining karmic balance. Maybe I never win because I don’t care enough about the prize. In short, I don’t have enough skin in the game.

Using that logic, people who do care about winning should always win, right? Well, not everyone can win, of course. I’m just saying that winners have a higher-than-normal psychic investment in the prize which causes the odds to tip in their favor. Makes perfect sense, right? (Just play along, please.) And I just happen to have a perfect example.

Anne works with someone (Hi, Keith!) who is a big Harley-Davidson fan. He not only owns one, but also makes the occasional pilgrimage to breathe the same air (and drink the same beer, I presume) as other Harley enthusiasts. Recently he attended the 22nd anniversary celebration of a local Harley-Davidson dealer, Brian’s in Langhorne, and he won the grand prize—a Buell Blast* motorcycle. Clearly, Keith’s karmic investment paid off handsomely. Congratulations!

So people who ride Buells—do they call them Buellers? Anyone? Bueller?

* Buell is an American manufacturer of “sport” motorcycles, founded by ex-Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell. The Blast is a single-cylinder design with 492 cc displacement.

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