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The Bridges of Philadelphia County

We headed down to Cape May earlier this week which got us talking about bridges and their names. Anne wondered aloud what a commodore was (a computer? Lionel Ritchie’s first band?) and why it was so important that the bridge was named Commodore Barry instead of just plain John Barry in the manner of all the other bridges. Maybe it would make more sense if the other bridges were renamed to honor their namesake’s achievements.

“Hmm, what’s the best way? Should we take the Poet Whitman Bridge or the Statesman Franklin Bridge?”

“You know, that Tacony-Palmyra bridge is kind of narrow. I always liked the Seamstress Ross Bridge better.”


Wait, Commodore Barry is two words? I always thought that I was taking the commadoorbarry.

The strange name makes for strange signs on I-295 - how is someone not from this area supposed to know what a "Com Bar Br" is?

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