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The Active Blogger Meetup RIP

<Maurice Chevalier accent>Ah, yes, I remember eet well: my first blogger meetup—in fact, my first meetup of any kind.</Maurice Chevalier accent>

I had been blogging in isolation since early 2002 and, amazing as it seems to me now, only reading a handful of other blogs by the onerous process of visiting each web site one at a time. In March, 2005, I was reading Drunkenbatman’s interview with Brent and Sheila Simmons, who together comprised Ranchero Software (makers of NetNewsWire, the RSS reader I eventually started using). Both were asked what blogs they read, and Sheila answered, “I like Blankbaby - he’s regularly quite funny and gives an interesting slice-of-life from Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia? There are bloggers in Philadelphia?! So I visited this “Blankbaby” person’s site, and the current post at that time invited people to come out to a “blogger meetup.” I joined forthwith and ventured forth on March 16, 2005, to the Independence Brew Pub. The rest, as they say, is history. Scott “Blankbaby” McNulty has been the tireless organizer of the monthly Active Blogger Meetup (there was apparently an earlier meetup that was “inactive”) since that day and has been paying the monthly fee faithfully ever since, never once asking for help.

Attendance has been erratic in the last year, and Scott has decided to resign as organizer. It is doubtful that anyone could ever fill his shoes. Myself, I’m only a 9-1/2 C (way too small), and even though I was a strong believer in the meetups, I was only attending them a few times a year. The purpose of this post is to thank Scott for his generous support to the meetup, which has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people over the years as well as getting me hooked on good beer. I am also pleased to say that Scott and I have enjoyed an asymptotic relationship—growing closer and closer over the years, without ever actually hugging. Thanks, Scott, for doing so much for so long!!!


Hear hear. I've always enjoyed the meetups. Won't anyone take up the mantle?

Hi, my name is Chris I work at and I came across your post through my profile. It sounds like your friend Scott has created a fantastic community and while you feel you might not be able to "fill his shoes" I just wanted to pass on that you would be surprised at how many people think they can't do it, but then do and succeed. We at Meetup try and give you as many tools and as much help as possible at being a good Organizer. It may seem scary and a lot of work, but some of our newer features make it easier than ever to plan events and have an active group. I hope that you! or someone in your group steps up! It can be a fantastic experience. People from MeetupHQ will be down in Philly on the 24th as part of our Meetup Tour 2008. If you or anyone else from your group is interested in being an organizer and has questions, let them know they can attend. See here for more info, or email me:

- Chris
Meetup HQ

Well, said Tony. The Bloggers Meetup was my first experience with any Meetup. I met Scott (and you) there. I enjoyed it so much I went on to be the organizer of another meetup group. Unfortunately, my schedule at work changed and I had to work on Saturdays. That did in my attendance at the blogger meetups. I still follow Scott through Twitter and his blog and vcast with Marissa called Fork You. He has moved on from Blogger Meetup but still seems to be doing very well. I hope you are also. We should create our own occasion to have a beer together.

Michlt, I don't need much of an occasion to have a beer. :-) Most weeknights are good; I can just get off the train in Center City. Email me what works for you.