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BlogPhiladelphia Remembered

Last year on this day I was attending BlogPhiladelphia. Ah, memories. Based on the large turnout and general enthusiasm, I would have predicted that the event would be held annually, but apparently not. The conference was free, and I have to assume the sponsors just didn’t feel it was worth it. For the record, I would be willing to pay to go to such a conference in the future. Just sayin’. For example, I am looking forward to attending the Higher Education Web Symposium this week at Penn, and that’s definitely not free (but very reasonably priced I thought).

By the way, these pics don’t capture the energy and dynamism of the event at all. Rather, it was between sessions as people took a break and caught up with their lives online. I find pictures of people staring at laptops plenty interesting.

BlogPhiladelphia 2007


BlogPhiladelphia 2007


I see my old computer in that picture but somehow I didn't make it in!

There is talk of doing another BlogPhiladelphia, but politics, funding and organizational will keeps it from happening. I'd certainly love to see another one!

Sorry you’re not in the picture! I don’t remember why I cropped that shot so tight. I’m very glad to hear that another BlogPhiladelphia is being considered.

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