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My First CD Cover

My friends Lenny and Katie asked for some help shooting a CD cover, and I was more than happy to oblige. They chose the beautiful Thomas Mill covered bridge as the setting and we took about 80 shots on two days last October. The photo they picked was from near the end of the second session. The CD came out last week. More info at her site (although there’s nothing there yet but the picture).

Once Upon a Time CD cover


Tony, that's a great shot...and super pro work. Nicely done...I'll look forward to her album coming out, too...I'm sure you'll keep us posted. Fun stuff.

That's a great shot. I like the framing of the bridge, very cool.

Thanks! It's a beautiful bridge. The structure forms a nice frame and the criss-crosses provide interest, but the other entrance to the bridge was both a blessing and a curse, mostly because it was so bright. In some we used it to frame her and in others cropped it out completely. This angle works pretty well.

Well since it's "My First CD Cover" too, we're in an elite club. I think it turned out great, Tony and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. If only I get as many compliments for the music inside... Thank you very much. Katie

What a great shot. It makes for a wonderful cover.

Nice Photo, I have the Cd, it is very good!