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Other People’s Photo News

Although I am working my way through a backlog of unprocessed film stretching back decades (probably got a good shot of Elvis in there somewhere), I have nothing to show yet, so I am taking this opportunity to deflect attention away from my lack of accomplishment and point out just some of the notable achievements of some more-or-less-local photographers.

First, belated congratulations to Kathleen Connally for winning a Photobloggie earlier this year, “Best American Photoblog.” It’s just another recognition for her paean to the haunting beauty of Durham Township, PA. She must be shopping for a bigger mantle.

Albert Yee has had a photoblog for years, but recently he quit his day job, won the Metro photo contest (among other honors), and built a killer portfolio site (thanks mainly to an abundance of killer photos). Call me crazy, but he could make a living at this stuff. Seems like a good plan.

The photographer behind Luminous Lens recently launched a lovely new photoblog.

This isn’t breaking news, but I finally got a copy of Kyle Cassidy’s Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes. I was privileged to meet Kyle through our shared interest in Leica cameras. He would have a place in my personal pantheon if only for his wonderful cat pictures, but he does more challenging projects from time to time, you know, just to pay the bills so he can keep taking cat pictures. His portraits are both imaginative and sensitive, exhibiting wide-ranging creativity, but always in the service of portraying his subjects and their guns. He is working on a new book about veterans and their tattoos, called War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces.

Finally, huge news from Zoe Strauss, who won a United States Artists Fellowship, conferring a substantial grant worth (in the universal currency of photographers) well over ten thousand rolls of Tri-X. All I can say is, What took them so long?

For me, it’s back to developing. I processed five rolls yesterday (Elvis wasn’t on any of them). I’m changing my film processing procedure a bit, and I feel a post coming on about that, so I think I need to go lie down until it passes...


i expect to see that elvis shot sometime in the next 6 months. and it better be in color ;)

those cassidy links are great.

thanks for the nod!

Thanks, Tony! You're very kind.

Hope you're joining the PPBs on our December 8th outing! :)

Kathleen, Sorry I will have to miss out on the fun yet again—I usually have to work Saturdays. Looking forward to seeing the shots... it’s almost like being there. :-)

Thanks for the link publicity! I'm really excited to be photoblogging again.

As for your film processing project, it must be exciting to have all of these pictures that you're going to unveil.

Yes, I feel like Garry Winogrand (famous among other things for deferring processing for a year). Each roll is a revelation - "Hey, I remember that!"

Are you gonna go full Winogrand!? You're gonna have to get out shooting more often now - double time!

Yeah, really. I'm about thirty rolls behind and that's just for this week. He had artistic reasons for deferring processing; I'm just lazy.

who's saying his initial reasons weren't laziness which grew into "artistic" after a couple years passed?!

@albert Not me! ;-)

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