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Philly Photobloggers Doylestown meetup

I recently began working through a backlog of unprocessed film and put up a set shot in early August. The occasion was a Philly Photoblogger meetup organized by Robin Odland to shoot headshots of the actors of Town and Country Players. Robin and his wife Anne provided fabulous gourmet pizza and Belgian beer—and that was just for lunch! I was stunned by the abundance of lighting equipment, high-end cameras and accessories and embarrassed that I only had one measly flash and my little point-and-shoot Leica M4 (Naiffer took a picture of me in action). Needless to say I didn’t take any headshots with that rig. This was my first opportunity, however, to use my brand-new Zeiss 35mm lens, so I took about 50 frames. The pics are mainly of historical interest now, but if you like extremely dark pictures with copious motion blur, then baby, you'll love this set. The beginning starts here.


Tony your shots are fabulous...and that lens. Wow.

Excellent work.

You've got some cool ones in there. I like the way you held detail in the umbrellas but let the rest go dark.

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