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Ah, Paris!

Tonight I tuned up my niece’s shiny new MacBook (it came with 10.4.6, so I installed updates and stuff). She’s headed off to college this weekend. *sniff*

The MacBook is nice; I was concerned about the keyboard and the glossy screen, but I liked them both. I’m not in the market at the moment, but it’s still fun to play.

On the way home, I heard a portion of This American Life. The show’s theme was “Americans in Paris.” Such praise for the City of Light! A feeling of giddy exhilaration welled up in me. I had a mad impulse to drive straight to the airport. Yes, take me to Paris! Now!!! I am a mad, impetuous fool. Well, actually I’m not; I went straight home. There’s still time, though, to pour a nice apéritif of pastis, light up a Gauloise, and listen to the whole show from the beginning.


I heard part of that broadcast, too; it was very entertaining. I especially liked the David Sedaris portion, which revolved almost entirely around him embarrassing himself with bad French in public places.

Mrs. Harridan, When I heard the show in the car, I tuned in after David Sedaris, and only heard that segment several days later. It was refreshing to hear from someone who is not enamored by living in Paris, or I should say not enamored for the usual reasons.

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