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Blogger Meetup Time Again

March’s Philly Blogger Meetup is tomorrow and looks to be a bittersweet celebration as it will probably be my last one for a few months.

You never know who’s going to be there, but I am hoping to buttonhole Colin Devroe for a few minutes. I followed his adventures at SXSW and am looking forward to asking him about microformats, as in What are they and should I care? (He has written about this in the past.)

Apart from the interesting conversation, I am looking forward to tasting some Victory HopDevil (an IPA). I remember having some and thinking it was the first IPA I ever liked. Following some recent experiences with IPAs at the Philly Craft Beer Festival, I suspect that HopDevil may be the king of the IPAs, for me at least.

Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant, 21st & South St., 3:00 pm.


As long as this snow lets up long enough for me to drive down - I'll be there!