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Postage Due

Well, it's been three years since my last post, and it might have been another three years if it hadn't been for Karl Martino. He was at the last blogger meetup I attended six years ago, which I believe was the last one until this past weekend.

Back in 2008, I wrote about the end of the first blogger meetup. Then Karl stepped in to take over from Scott McNulty. We met one last time upstairs at the Grey Lodge in October (the World Series Edition) where I got to meet Scoats and Mark Gardner. That was fun, but by then attendance had tapered off to almost nothing. The meetup sputtered along for five years and threatened to come to life in 2014. Finally Karl proposed a date and got some commitments. We all had a fine time this past Saturday afternoon, and I was even inspired to get my blog working again (It had been crippled in late 2012 by a software upgrade; since I wasn't posting at all, I never bothered to fix it.)

So, my blog is working again, great. All I need is something to say...


Tell the lost-cymbals story! Alternatively, you could attempt to justify your decades-old affection for Anthro office furniture. The possibilities are endless, really.

Welcome back to blogging! I'm so glad Karl is reviving the meetups!

Yes, and he wants to hold meetups in various neighborhoods, including Center City, of course. Hope you can make one of those!