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Welcome to my PAW for 2004. This page is supposed to be the index for the first quarter, January through March, although actually there are pictures here from later months as well. If I ever get enough pictures, I'll make a new page, but this project has devolved to a Picture Whenever I Get Around To It. I have been filling in the missing weeks here and there as time permits.

This index contains thumbnails and journal entries for each photo, arranged in reverse chronological order (newest first). Click the thumbnail to see the full-size version, or skip all this verbiage and just view the larger versions virtually text-free (the pictures do have titles): Click the latest thumbnail (first picture below) and work backwards (by clicking on “Prev”), or start at the beginning of the year. Clicking “index” will take you to the journal entry for that picture. Thanks for visiting!

Week 52

Week 52 (thumbnail)

I was shooting the scaffolding surrounding this building for the Salon (topic: “Passages”). This isn't the picture I entered, but I liked the tonality and lighting of this frame best of all my shots that night, much better than my submission.

Week 47

Week 47 (thumbnail)

Yet another band shot.

Week 46

Week 46 (thumbnail)

Although I am a stick-in-the-mud, stalwart black-and-white film photographer, I always wished I had a digital camera so I could test studio setups for lighting. Trouble is, I never did any studio setups. Until today. A bowl of clementines inspired this still life, my first. (The “studio” is a room in the attic, and I set up a piece of cardboard on the ironing board. Welcome to the big time.) I used the D70 to experiment with lighting. I tried my usual bounce flash at different angles, but I preferred this version best, which employs the flash handheld off camera at a low angle. The ISO of 1600 was an accident; I wasn't paying attention. I then shot the scene in black-and-white, although I'm not that sure I'll like it as much.

Week 43: Votives

Votives (thumbnail)

Tried to make a composition out of these votives seen at a party... I think I set the white balance to daylight to keep the colors warm; another picture from that night has the “correct” white balance, but it leaves me cold. (Heh.)

Week 37

Week 37 (thumbnail)

At the Jenkintown Jazz Festival. Mark Elf and Jimmy Heath run down a tune together near the main stage. This is cropped to about half the frame.

Week 34: Fog Machine

Fog machine (thumbnail)

This was taken during our local National Night Out. Among the many diversions, someone from the Fire Department (I think) had a fog machine, which delighted the kids. I enjoyed the helicopter landing the most myself, but that didn't make as interesting a picture.

I am experimenting with dilute Perceptol, and this roll was developed in 1:2 for 8 minutes at 75 degrees. That's the time I've worked out to print on Agfa Multicontrast Premium RC using a condenser enlarger with filter 2-1/2. After saying all that, this is actually a scan of the negative, slightly cropped.

Week 33

Week 33 (thumbnail)

Fooling around with the D70 while my wife was driving.

Week 32: Wedding

Wedding (thumbnail)

I'm finally getting around to editing and printing the negatives from a wedding I attended in August. I had a great time. I'm planning to put up a selection sometime soon, but I wanted to pick out one for PAW. Of the six rolls I shot, I think this is my favorite.

Week 31: Governor Curtis

Governor Curtis (thumbnail)

We arrived in Rockland, Maine for the Lobster Festival late in the afternoon and wandered up to the ferry terminal where I took this. The vessel is the Governor Curtis, a ferry which runs between Rockland and Vinalhaven. I don't know how often the ferry runs, but the terminal was deserted, although there were two long rows of empty vehicles staged and ready to board. I guess everyone was at the festival.

This slide was scanned with a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III and Vuescan software. One of the reasons I use Vuescan is that it does so well with color balance, but in this case I didn't want the colors balanced. The ferry was painted white, but I wanted to preserve the range of tones created by the late-afternoon sun and not correct it away. None of the automated settings produced what I wanted, so I ended up using “Image” (instead of “color slide”) as the Media Type, and “Auto Levels” as the Color Balance setting. With these settings, the scan is remarkably close to the colors of the original slide.

Week 29

Week 29 (thumbnail)

One of our guest cats Snuggles in a hurry.

Week 26: Flag

Plates (thumbnail)

A 13-star flag given to us by my wife's parents.

Week 25: Ostrich Ferns

Ostrich Ferns (thumbnail)

Baby ostrich ferns in our back yard.

Week 22: Plates

Plates (thumbnail)

Dinner for 400, Morristown, New Jersey.

Week 21: Ouida and Terry

Ouida and Terry (thumbnail)

Week 18: Waffle House

Waffle House (thumbnail)

The Waffle House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. No, I wasn't drinking when I took this. I'm usually much steadier at 1/2-second.

Week 17: Powerade

Powerade (thumbnail)

As you can see, it's some golf shoes lit only by the glow of a vending machine. I like it. I set the camera on a bench for this 2-second exposure.

Week 16: The Band

The Band (thumbnail)

The band making last-second preparations before the guests enter the tent.


Week 12: Checking Out

Checking Out (thumbnail)

Around 4:30 in the morning... I don't know what posessed me to take pictures at this hour.


Week 7: In the Greenhouse

In the Greenhouse (thumbnail)

We attended a grafting workshop and, while my wife practiced her grafting technique, I took lots of pictures. The light was diffused through the translucent plastic of the greenhouse roof and looked to me about perfect.


Week 4: Men in Black

Men in Black (thumbnail)

This photograph is significant not for its aesthetic qualities, but because it's the first time I've ever pointed my camera at strangers where there was some chance of them noticing me. I have always been petrified of doing real "street photography" for just that reason, but for some reason that night I had more courage. Whether these gentlemen noticed me, I don't know, but they showed no sign. (That night I took one at even closer range, but because I used an 1/8-second shutter speed instead of 1/15, most of the image was too smeared to use.) I admit that taking pictures in such a safe situation was hardly challenging, but for me it was something of a breakthrough. Scanned print printed at Grade 2 on Agfa Multicontrast Premium RC.

Week 3: Oakes

Oakes (thumbnail)

More animals this week! Here is our Seeing Eye puppy Oakes at my in-laws' house. Not a very sharp picture, but nevertheless my favorite from this trip. I was shooting 100-speed film with bounce flash and a yellow filter, which forced me to shoot almost wide open. I believe the softness is due to my inability to focus on a moving target, and Oakes never stops moving! Because of the softness, I made the print quite small. It is also a fairly tight crop of about 1/4 of the full frame.

Week 2: Cabs

Cabs (thumbnail)

I had my camera on the seat beside me as I pulled up to stop at the light at 65th and Central Park West. This wasn't the best picture from that week, but it was the most interesting of the few whose subject wasn't a cat or a dog. I think a PAW should have some variety and not just be pictures of, uh, paws.

As you can see, it's just some cars sitting at a light. With all the flare and other problems, it wasn't even worth printing, so I just scanned the negative.

Week 1: Harley

Harley (thumbnail)

A cat picture. Sorry. Kyle Cassidy, the inspiration of this PAW project, hath writ "The 10 Commandments of Leica Photography," Commandment Three of which states, Thou shalt not photograph thy dog, nor thy cat, nor thy ass. I've broken this rule before (but not recently), and I'm sure I will again. There are just so many animals in my life right now.

This is my sister-in-law Carol's cat Harley. This picture was from the first roll taken with my new Metz 54-MZ3 flash I received for Christmas. Thanks, Anne! I was also using a "new" lens--a 90mm Elmar-C I borrowed. Thanks, Jim!

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